B.F.A.  University of North Texas, New Media Studio Arts              2012-2016


Beautiful Creature: The Farewell Tour BFA Solo Exhibition, THE CAVE, UNT, Denton, Texas                        2016

SPIT vol. 1 & 2, Dallas Performance Art, Dallas, Texas                        2016

Hotlips, 711 Bernard Shed Gallery, Denton, Texas                        2015

Scanned & Exposed, ¼ Apartments, Denton, Texas                        2013


Experimental Action: Performance Art Festival, Houston, Texas                        2019

Drop The Act: A Night Of Happenings, Deep Vellum Bookstore, Dallas, Texas                        2018

CURRENTS: INTERNATIONAL NEW MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico                        2017

We Own the Night: An Evening of ARTS + CULTURE, Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, Texas                                  

Shy Gestures, Voertmans Gallery, Denton, Texas                        2016

HATOZA, THE CAVE, UNT, Denton, Texas                                  

Procession, Cora Stafford Gallery, UNT, Denton, Texas                                  

Re: exhibition notes, Brick Haus Collective, Denton, Texas                                  

Under the Well, Denton, Texas                                  

Substitution 1b, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton, Texas                        2015

 LOST & FOUND: Mappathon Exhibition, Brick Haus Collective, Denton, Texas                                 

WoC/Qtoc Art Show + Open Mic at Ash Studios, Dallas, Texas                                   

SOMAesthetic VOID, Cora Stafford Gallery, UNT, Denton, Texas                                   

 A Viewing, Lightwell Gallery, UNT, Denton, Texas                                   

nanoGalactic, Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, UNT, Denton, Texas                                   

Substitution 1a, 711 Bernard Shed Gallery, Denton, Texas                                   

 Push Pinhole Exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, UNT, Denton, Texas                         2014

CORE Design Exhibition, Lightwell Gallery, UNT, Denton, Texas                         2012


Recipient of the 2018 Nasher Artist Microgrant of the Nasher Sculpture Center                        2018 

Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas                                   



Kim Dawson Agency, Talent Divison                       2019



Performer in music video “Played” by Sudie                       2019

The Texas Theatre, Dallas, Texas      

Red Carpet Personality at the 56th Dallas American Advertisement Awards                       2018

The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas                                 


Lead Actor in Internet Cafe 2: Why I Come Here Commercial                                  

Instagram Commercial with Equilateral Films,, Internet Cafe 2                                  

Internet Cafe 2, Dallas, Texas                                  


Guest Speaker at  Uplift Luna Prep. Secondary                     2017 

Uplift Luna Prep., Dallas, Texas                                  


Intern at Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas, Texas                                   

Involved with the following exhibition(s): Polished:Tim Best, The TRINITY PROJECT: Marcos Luytens & Laray Polk                                   

TOTEM: Ryan Goolsby & History Lessons: Mayra Barraza                                   


Dallas Biennial, Participant of Teresa Margolles performance piece Containers                         2016

Dallas Biennial, The Box Co., Dallas, Texas                                   


Performer for Olivia Brown's "Roaming Creature" for Meow Wolf's "House of Halloween" for 4 nights.                                  

"Roaming Creature" Outfit was constructed & designed by Olivia Brown.                                  

House of Halloween, Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, New Mexico                                  


Production Intern for CURRENTS: International New Media Arts Festival                                  

CURRENTS:International New Media Arts Festival, Performer For Michaela Davies performance piece "DUTY"                                 

CURRENTS: International New Media Arts Festival, El Museo De Cultura de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico                                   


35 Denton Festival, Back-up dancer for musical performer TEENSLUT                                  

35 Denton Festival, J&J's Pizza, Denton, Texas                                   


Performer  for Zoe Berg's "Can I have a cat when the moon turns blue?" Multimedia Performance                        2015
Denton, Texas                                  


Participant for Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s “Walk the Line” Performance                                  

 Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas                                  


North Texas Digital Symposium, Showcase of “Eyewear” series                                  

Willis Library, UNT, Denton, Texas                                  


Install Crew for 41st International Computer Music Conference                                 

UNT on the Square, Denton, Texas                                 


Creative Director for “Ride” by Honey the Hippie Music Video, Denton, Texas                       2013


WORKSHOPS / Presentations

International Studies Association Conference, Toronto, Canada 2019

Listening & Crafting Sound with Dan Gottwald, UNT, Denton, Texas                      2016

Encounter with Doppleganger with Tsuyoshi Anzai, UNT, Denton, Texas                                

LOST & FOUND: Mappathon with CHiKA, UNT, Denton, Texas                      2015

New York Goofs: Art of Clowning, UNT, Denton, Texas                                


Brittany Griffiths, "Romantic Rodeo"

December 2018

Corey Metcalf, "On the Road: Currents 2017"

June 2017


Megan Bennett, "Currents New Media Festival displays evolving relationship between artists, technology"

June 2017



Jennifer Smart, "Your Guide to Dallas Art Fair Weekend in Dallas"

April 2017


Alex Cole, "Artist Spotlight: Colton White"

September 2016


Peter Simek, "5 Art events for your weekend"

February 2016



 May 2015


Sydney Wilburn, “New Media students push boundaries of space in immersive exhibit”, 21 April 2015, North Texas Daily 

April 2015


Christina Ulsh, “Student Rapper Preaches Positivity through Rhyme”, 1 Oct.2013, North Texas Daily

 October 2013